At the middle of fifteenth century (1450), this house was part of the square of Tupac Yupanqui, during the Inca period. It was at the beginning of Colonial period (1534), when it became part of the block of the spanish Diego de Torres. It was until the end of the same century that it was incorporated as property of tge convent of Santo Domingo. From 1600 to 1750, this house passed into the hands of several generations of Alvarado. From 1750 to 1769 it was property of the regidor Luis de Cuesta, while from 1770 to 1793 it was the home of the lawyer Lojano Nicolás Carrión Vaca.

Since the end of the 18th century until the first decade of the 19th century, this house belonged to the lawyer Juan Ruíz de Santo Domingo (intimate friend of Eugenio Espejo). From 1815 to 1870 this property passed to the Borja Lizarzaburu Family, and it was a period when this house was known as «The House of Conspiracy», where the conspiracy against the Ex-President García Moreno was forged.

From 1871 to 1875 it was the home of Dr. Borja Ayoví, and it was during this time that Juan Montalvo, an ecuadorian novelist, lived here. At the end of the 81th century, it passed into the hands ofthe Velasco Rebolledo family, from this tme on, this house was known as «The House of Doctors», whose owner was a public works builder in the García Moreno government. 

In 1894, the doctors Alejandro Yépez Ribadeneira and Roberto Sierra Landázuri had their consultation here. From 1932 to 1970 the house belonged to Joaquín Velasco y Velasco, an important man born in Guayaquil of Riobamba origin, who in turn donated the current clock of the Santo Domingo Tower. From the last quarter of the 20th century to the first decade of 21th century, this house was owned by the Madrid Flores Family.

Finally, starting in 2013, this house was handed over the siblings Tania and Lenin González Rivadeneira, and after a long process of restoration, the family project «Casa Alquimia» was consolidated.




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We love having a such great monument just behind the hotel. Every morning, our guests enjoy their breakfast looking at the "Panecillo". And if you go up to the roof, in the last floor, you can admire Santo Domingo Church and part of the southside of the city.


Quito city is now a modern and urban metropoli, but its heart, in the Hictoric Center, is pure history and architecture art with amazing tales that show our roots to the visitors.


Once you enter the hotel and become part of our family, we want to make sure your have golden time in Quito. We count on trustful tour guides that can ride you to new experiences.


As Casa Alqvimia, we want all of our guests to be safe during their stay. That's why we offer you transfers to and from the airport. We count on trustful taxi drivers, always glad to serve you.


Casa Alquimia is right in the doors of La Ronda Street, where you can find more than one great restaurant with tipical ecuadorian and international food, folklor street music and a lot of interenting museums.


Every guest that has stayed in Casa Alqvimia, enjoyed a special homemade breakfast, that is included with your reservation.

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As conscious traveling Paupers we must always be concerned about our dear Mother Earth. If you think about it, you travel across her face, and She is the host to your trip. We try to bring nature inside Casa Alquimia to bring a fresh enviroment to your journey.