Must Eat: The Best Street Food in Quito you should try

We think the best way to experience the culinary scene of a country is by eating street food

Well, it turns out the street food in Quito is actually quite delicious. Discover a new favorite dish by standing in the longest line at the littlest stalls I could find. With herb salads, unconventional cheeses, and plenty of hot sauce to go around, Ecuador has everything delicious if you just know where to look.

Planning a visit to Quito? Getting into the street food in Quito is one of the best experiences in Ecuador! Here are some of our favorites.



Fritada is basic in all of its parts, but delicious when served together. The combo of Ecuadorian tortilla (mashed potato cakes) with spiced pork first boiled then fried in its own fat, makes for a killer takeaway lunch.

This is one of the most typical ecuadorian dishes you can find.



Fruit is probably the easiest transition into adventurous eating. Just take a trip to the market, and pick out whatever catches your eye! In Ecuador, don’t forget to taste maracuya (passion fruit juice), the very popular tomate del arbol, naranjilla, alfalfa, or one of the many freshly squeezed juices!




Ecuador’s signature dish is what my ideal omelet would look like when deconstructed. The dish is tortillas (potato omelet) topped with fried egg, beet, avocado, salad, chorizo, and salsa on the side. For just $2.50, llapingacho is definitely one of the best street foods in Quito and an excellent way to get an introduction to local flavors.



empanadas de viento

In Ecuador, be sure to try empanadas de viento (a fluffy, fried cheese empanada dusted with sugar) or de verde (a green plantain empanada). Crunchy on the outside and squishy on the inside, empanadas are a predictably awesome option for street food in Quito.




Love it or hate hotdogs, Salchipapas is a big part of the Ecuador snacking experience. French fries are just a base for the mayonnaise, ketchup, other salsas, and weirdly sliced hotdogs that go on top.

You can find the dish just about anywhere. A bad order of salchipapas can be really bad! Trust the locals when looking for a spot.




A mash of cooked plantains (verde), cheesy eggs, and sausage makes Tigrillo the next best thing for anyone missing a more traditional American breakfast.

You can try it with chicharrón or bacon and you’ll never regret it.


You can try these and so much more typical dishes in Quito. Once you get to Casa Alquimia, we can recommend to you the perfect places to taste every marvelous food dish in the City.


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